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The Lost Birds CD

The Lost Birds is a soaring elegy for the loss of bird species due to human activity. Composed and conducted by Christopher Tin and featuring Voces8 and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Tin’s new requiem is a celebration of birds—as symbols of beauty, hope, peace, and renewal—but it also mourns their absence.


  1. Flocks A Mile Wide
  2. The Saddest Noise
  3. Bird Raptures
  4. A Hundred Thousand Birds
  5. Wild Swans
  6. Passenger Pigeon
  7. Thus In the Winter
  8. There Will Come Soft Rains
  9. All That Could Never Be Said
  10. I Shall Not See the Shadows
  11. In the End
  12. Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

Limited to 4 per order.